Jane’s Story


Understanding Our Enemy

Here are a few memorable quotes from this video:
“Pornography normalizes sexual harm.” Patrick Truman
“We know from research that pornography is correlated with domestic violence and battery…that pornography is not just looking at pictures online and the types of pictures that are viewed are drastically different than that of past years.” Jill Manning, Ph.D. Licensed marriage & Family Therapist
Pornography is related to “job loss and financial strain…decreased values in businesses and homes with a sexual business nearby…and increased separation and divorce.”
Sexting in high schools are inappropriate images that are being taken and then forwarding those images via cell phones.


Hope & Healing

There is more hope today than there has been in the past to help those who are affected or addicted to pornography. There are more clinics and psychologists that are getting fully trained and have more knowledge on how to treat those who are affected in any way by pornography.

“But when Pinocchio made a promise to be true, brave, and selfless, he became accountable to people to be those things. That’s when he started turning things around and realized the importance of the relationship’s in his life and the importance of becoming a real and whole boy” (Jill Manning).

Marion McBride shares her story as a recovering addict and the hope that came back into her life because of the 12 Step Program.


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