We proud to support the groups and individuals below who are joining us in the fight against pornography by offering additional resources and tools, including books, counseling, and internet protection.



Donald L. Hilton’s He Restoreth My Soul, provides important information to all who are seeking understanding and help relating to pornography addiction. He addresses components of the problem, including informational research about how the use of pornography alters the brain’s chemical balance. He explores the hope for recovery and the healing process while sharing “recovery stories” that provide hope for others fighting pornography. He Restoreth My Soul is informative, helpful, and up-to-date on the subject of sex/pornography addictions.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures, by Kristen A. Jenson and Gail Poyner, is a read-aloud children’s book created to teach children what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to say no. For parents unsure how to address the topic, this is a great resource that does the job for you.

Guiding with Love and Compassion” provides suggestions for ecclesiastical leaders helping members of their congregation overcome addictive and compulsive behaviors. Robert Robison, author and family therapist, offers a free download through his website.woman-690216_1280

If you’re familiar with the LDS version of the 12-Step Program, then you have Hearthaven Publishing to thank. Colleen and Phil Harrison have created and helped create many resources for addicts, loved ones affected by pornography, and leaders—including the 12-step program. Their dedication and determination to fight pornography continues to bless countless lives, and we hope you find their books helpful as well.

Shattered Hearts, by Stacy Lynn Carroll, is a fictional story about a woman, Sarah, who uncovers her husband’s secret pornography addiction. As it hurts their family, Sarah has to learn how to trust her husband and get their family back together while also learning to have faith in a higher power. This story is a great example for women dealing with a porn addiction in their marriage. It shows women that they’re not alone while also demonstrating how to get porn out of a marriage and bring love back in.


Counseling and Recovery Help

Fortify offers 52 video-based lessons to walk users through the dangers of pornography, the science of addiction, and other tools help users become free from porn addictions using Fortify’s web-based program. For those 20 and younger, Fortify is free. Check them out and learn how to use your mobile device or computer to beat pornography.

LifeStar offers a three-phase treatment program for individuals, spouse, and families to begin healing from the effects of a pornography addiction. Additionally, they provide trained and licensed therapists, workbooks, and other materials to work through porn addiction recovery for all involved–including teens. Contact them at 1-888-512-6757 to be connected to a therapist.

YES offers free online resources for technology and pornography addictions as well as tools for parents and ecclesiastical leaders. While they may be based in Utah and out of reach for many, they offer great resources and can still help.


For Parents

12-step programOnGuardOnline is a government-funded website with many great tips for avoiding scams protecting kids online, being smart online, and securing your computer. Check them out and see what else you can do to protect you and your loved ones.

Protect Young Minds is a group dedicated to teaching parents and communities that kids can learn how to reject pornography. They offer help for parents as they teach how to Prepare & Prevent, Help & Heal, and Share & Speak Up. With many resources, parents learn how to prepare their children to reject pornography.


More information about the War On Pornography

As you probably know, we’re not the only organization standing up to pornography. If you’d like to learn more about the war on pornography and human trafficking, check these websites out:

National Center on Sexual Exploitation (formerly called Morality in Media and

Stop Trafficking Demand

Operation Underground Railroad

Other Resources

The Heart of the Matter is a documentary about pornography and a great way to learn more about pornography and the pain, lies, and fears users hide behind. If you’re struggling with a pornography addiction, this video shows you you’re not alone and that the secret to overcoming a pornography addiction is to stop hiding and be honest.

Life Beyond Betrayal is specifically for women in need of support and healing after finding out about a husband’s pornography use. After submitting your first name and email, you will receive access to three videos from Melody Lovvorn, a woman who divorced her husband after learning about his porn use but is married to him again and together they share their story.

Undone Redone brings both spouses together for the healing process while focusing on the individual needs of both the husband and wife. Bringing God and grace into their recovery method, Melody and Traylor Lovvorn use their post-divorce reconciliation and second marriage to each other to teach other couples how to overcome pornography together and strengthen their marriage. Check them out and see what they have to offer you.

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