Our Mission

Mission Statement:

To empower others to take a stand against pornography.


  1. Advocate for public policy changes on pornography issues.
  2. Provide resources for parents, addicts, and individuals of all ages.
  3. Educate families and individuals of all ages on harmful effects of pornography.
  4. Create a replicable model for other pro-decency non-profit organizations.



Citizens for Decency seeks to facilitate and coordinate the efforts and voices of millions of people whose aim it is to uphold and defend moral principles and societal decency. We believe that education is the key in immunizing individuals from pornography addiction.

As people are educated about its destructive effects, they will see it for what it truly is: an enemy to our well-being, threatening the safety and happiness of our families and communities. They will be less inclined to view pornography because they will understand the negative consequences that accompany such a decision.