Current Projects

Public Libraries and WiFi

At Citizens for Decency we are trying to pass The Library Filter Amendment. This amendment will prohibit any persons from being able to view inappropriate materials from provided computers or personal electronics connecting to the WiFi.

If this amendment is passed, “Libraries shall implement an Internet access management system which provides parents and guardians with choices for their minor’s use of library-owned computers. In order for a library card to be issued to a minor, a parent or guardian of the minor must accompany the minor to the library to apply for the card and sign a form indicating whether the minor may have access to the Internet on the library’s computers and, if so, the level of access. Subject to the library’s acceptable use policy, a parent or guardian may allow the minor to have unrestricted Internet access or may limit such access to content appropriate for minors. Limited access options may include, but need not be limited to, the use of dedicated computers for minors which are filtered or provide access solely to age-appropriate electronic library collections.”

Part of the responsibility to uphold this amendment will be placed in the hands of public libraries. They will need to create a policy of Internet security for persons under the age of 18. This policy should include, “operation of a technology protection measure with respect to any publicly accessible computers or private mobile devices with internet access provided by the library and that protects against access through such devices to visual depictions that are obscene or child pornography or harmful to minors”

  • All Information was Obtained Through, Library Filter Bill Amendment

Pornography as a Public Health Crisis

Pornography should be viewed as a public health crisis. This industry is creating dangerous images that reflect treatment toward other people, especially women and children.

The average age of exposure to pornography is between 11- 12 years of age. These ages are at the very beginning stages of puberty and create a platform for sexual education as well as their personal sexual templates. This exposure has lead to low self-esteem and image disorders.

Within the pornography industry women are depicted as objects. They are being used for their bodies and men are being seen as the users. Pornography normalizes violence as well as the abuse of women and children. Women and children are often depicted through rape and abuse while these acts are being viewed as harmless.

Potential detrimental effects on pornography’s users can impact brain development and functioning. This contributes to emotional and medical illnesses, shape deviant sexual arousal, and can lead to difficulty in forming or maintaining intimate relationships, as well as problematic or harmful sexual behaviors and addiction.

  • All Information was Obtained Through, Utah Legislature SCR009

Innapropriate Content List

This is a list we hope to implement to all cable and Internet providers. This would allow persons to be placed on a list that prohibited ads, commercials, or pop-ups to contain inappropriate material.