4 Ways that Covenant Eyes Can Protect Your Family

The age of internet has made pornography so prevalent that most teenagers and young adults consider not recycling more immoral than viewing porn.

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Sure, recycling is important. But it’s likely that the general population of teens is unaware of just how harmful pornography is from the inside out. Thankfully, internet filtering systems like Covenant Eyes can give your family some protection from these harms. Here are four ways that Covenant Eyes can help your family:

  1. Customized filters for every family member

The average age of pornography exposure and addiction are the same: Age 11. (2) Since this is the case, it’s true when Covenant Eyes’ website says “One wrong click can change a life.” Internet filters are a great tool to protect pre-teens from unwanted exposure to pornography. Covenant Eyes lets you customize your internet filter settings to the ages and needs of your family. You can create custom lists of blocked sites for each person or device in your home—you can even turn off the internet completely at certain times of day. It’s designed for your family, whatever your needs are.

  1. Accountability for you and your spouse

Most people who have ever tried to start a new workout program know that it helps to have a buddy—someone who is counting on you to get up, show up, and not give up. When you are trying to reach a goal, it helps to have someone on your side. Covenant Eyes has an internet accountability feature that lets you report to one specific person on your internet use. You can identify a coach for yourself—be it a spouse or a parent—and account to just that person on your progress.

  1. Get reports on what’s happening in your home

Internet accountability also lets you parent in a way that will build trust and openness among the members of your family. This feature sends reports to you so that you can see what websites and levels of content are being viewed in your home. Covenant Eyes explains it this way on their website: “Internet accountability is a report of what you see and do online, designed to start a conversation, helping everyone in your home make wiser choices about Internet use.” (3)


  1. Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Challenge App

If you or someone in your family is struggling with a pornography addiction, there’s an app for that. Covenant Eyes released a new app for iPhone that gives you inspiring messages, prompts for reflection and a tracker to help you chart your progress. An Android app will be released in 2017.

Covenant Eyes was designed with the idea that every family is unique. Understanding your family’s needs, you can use internet filtering and accountability in tailored ways that will do the most good. It’s more important than ever to create a plan so that pornography doesn’t become commonplace in your home. You can check out more and buy the product at www.covenanteyes.com.

Download the iPhone app
Setting Up the iPhone app

Download the Android app
Configuring the Android app

Oh, and be sure to recycle.




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  2. “Healing Hidden Wounds.” Jennifer Grace Fallon, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Ensign. September 2016.
  3. “What is Internet Accountability?” Covenant Eyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering. October 20, 2016. Web. http://www.covenanteyes.com/services/internet-accountability/



Rise Above Porn 5K

Join us in a run to #riseaboveporn Saturday, July 9, 2016, at Smith Park in Rexburg, Idaho (E Main St & N 3rd E, Rexburg, Idaho 83440).

This Cops and Robbers themed 5K is a community-based event for all ages. Run to help to increase awareness of the effect pornography has on individuals, families, and communities. Festivities will begin at 9am with a brief informational program on the problems of pornography as well as empowering messages on defeating its grasp.

Each runner will wear an adjustable waistband that has two detachable flags on it. At a specific point in the course, volunteers from the sheriff’s department will chase the runners in an attempt to gather their flags. Every flag left on the runner’s waistband can be redeemed for an extra raffle ticket. Refreshments will be provided after the race.

Be sure to register early to receive discounts on registration fees! Tee shirts are included in the price of registration. On site registration will be open at 9:00 am and will cost an extra 5 dollars for every participant. cops and robbers

Free Seminar in Provo

Join us on March 31 at the Provo City Council Chambers as Todd Weiler discusses the new resolution and learn about ways you can protect yourself and your family against pornography as well as how to get involved in the fight against this disease.

provo seminar

UCAP and Resolutions

We have had a busy and exciting weekend!

On March 11, 2016, the Utah State Legislature unanimously agreed that pornography is a public health crisis, and we want to thank Senator Todd Weiler for his work in promoting this resolution and increasing awareness. According to Senator Weiler, at least ten more states are considering creating similar policies.

todd weiler

One day later, we had the opportunity to meet Senator Weiler while we attended the UCAP Conference held in Salt Lake. We also (finally) met our fellow interns based in Provo, and were able to attend multiple sessions discussing different aspects of pornography. And Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was the keynote speaker.

“Society must see this evil like the epidemic it is,” he said. “This ought to be seen like a public health crisis, like a war, like an infectious fatal epidemic, like a moral plague on the body politic that is maiming the lives of our citizens.”

Elder Holland told attendees that using pornography is adultery. It is looking at another woman with lust. Further, according to LDS scriptures, “he that looketh upon a woman to lust after her shall deny the faith, and shall not have the Spirit; and if he repents not he shall be cast out” (Doctrine and Covenants 42:23).

He gave the following advice to those struggling with a pornography addiction: hold FAST, which stands for flea, ask, strive, and triumph.

Fifteen years ago, UCAP saw 200 people at their conference. This weekend, almost 3000 people came to the conference, according to Pamela Atkinson, board chair of UCAP. The fight against pornography is becoming more pronounced, and we were thrilled to be a part of the movement in Utah.

Pamela issued the challenge of sharing what you have learned with at least five people—we want to pass this challenge on to you. Share something you’ve learned about the dangers of or recovery from a pornography addiction with five people you love.

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Rise Above Porn Conference

On December 3, 2015, Citizens for Decency held a conference on the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus. Around 150 students and community members attended the event and helped to raise funds for the organization.

Four speakers attended the event: Joseph Anderson, Jason Hunt, Dave Anderson, and Ross Baron. They all work through BYU-Idaho and provided uplifting messages.

Joseph Anderson and Jason Hunt first spoke together about the anatomy of pornography addiction and how it affects our bodies. They explained that pornography becomes an addiction by altering the chemistry of our brains. According to Hunt, when we view overly stimulative images, it causes a flood of hormones to rush through our brains, which can be more than our receptors can handle. Eventually, our brains make up for this by creating more receptors, and so it takes more to stimulate the brain. This is part of the reason why addicts begin to crave more and more extreme forms of pornography.

Dave Anderson is a counselor at BYU-Idaho and he spoke on the hope and light of overcoming addiction. He talked a lot about the process one must go through to be able to overcome a pornography addiction. One of the first steps, he said, is defining the actual problem. He also spoke about creating a proactive cycle, rather than a reactive cycle.

Reactive Cycle

Reactive Cycle

Proactive Cycle

Proactive Cycle

Brother Dave Anderson focused a lot on dealing with triggers and creating a plan before they happen. He said that in order to overcome a sexual compulsive behavior, you must, “Bring to awareness unmet needs and develop appropriate ways to meet those needs.”

Finally, Ross Baron, a religious educator at BYU-Idaho, spoke about the differences between past and current generations when dealing with the issues of pornography. He said that it has become a lot easier to view pornography in anonymity, it is a lot more acceptable to the majority of individuals, and it has become a lot more accessible through the internet.

Brother Baron came up with a list of ways to combat addiction. They focused on a religious aspect because BYU-Idaho is a religious school.

  1. The person involved establishes a plan
  2. Involvement of church leaders
  3. Involvement of parents and friends
  4. LDS Addiction Recovery Program
  5. “Sponsors”
  6. Fasting
  7. Spiritual connection to God
  8. Acts of service and charity
  9. Elimination behaviors
  10. Triggers and Coping skills

A video of the conference will be available on the BYU-Idaho website in the future. A link will be provided once the video has been uploaded.

To purchase t-shirts from the event, please message us on Facebook. Our social media representative will be able to provide more information.

To learn more about overcoming pornography addictions, look into He Restoreth My Soul by Donald L Hilton, Jr. This book provides a lot of advice on dealing with addiction.

New Promotional Video to Inform Viewers

Citizens for Decency released its new video on April 2, 2015, to promote the organization and to educate viewers on pornography’s harmful effects.

“[Its purpose is] to help us understand the depravity of pornography—the weight it holds and the destructive power it possesses ,” said Jacob Justice, producer of the video.

Justice hopes the six-minute documentary will inform viewers on how to get involved with the anti-pornography movement.

“The outcome will be that people will understand what Citizens for Decency is all about, why it exists, and how they can get involved,” he said.

Allie Taylor, a member of the video team, said the video will also inform viewers on the organization’s activities.

“It’s going to be a great way to reach out to individuals…of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it,” she said.

The film captures Citizens for Decency’s mission through telling the story of a woman whose spouse was addicted to pornography. In addition, the video spots Craig Cobia, founder and president, and Bronson Herrera, chief of staff, who address the importance of Citizens for Decency.

Mike Reyes, another member of the video team, said he hopes the video starts dialogue on pornography as a social issue.

“I’m a believer that if people can just discuss something — even if it’s uncomfortable or taboo — real change can happen,” Reyes said.

Taylor said her goal  is that the video will attract future interns who can help Citizens for Decency grow. For her, as an intern, making this video was an educational experience.

“It’s been a great realization for me in the future,” she said. “It has opened my eyes to more opportunities I could do in my life.”

To produce the video, the team brainstormed ideas, scheduled interviews, and collected archival materials. From there, they shot and edited footage.

“We tried to figure out ways of how we can present [the video] in a creative way,” Reyes said. “We thought of ways to tell [the woman’s] story visually with different footage.”

Justice said the video team tried to articulate the film in a respectful manner. For example, he said they were sensitive toward the interviewees and their needs.

“We couldn’t take things lightly,” Justice said. “We had to make sure that we respected their boundaries.”

The video team is optimistic with their expected outcome of the video.

Reyes hopes viewers will gain new perceptions on life and the dangers of pornography by watching the video.

“Visual is such a powerful thing,” Reyes said.“[We’re] doing something bigger than making a video.”

Justice and Reyes hope future interns and video teams for Citizens for Decency will continue the project by creating additional, shorter videos.

The new video is posted on Citizens for Decency’s website and will be aired on Upper Valley Idaho.

To learn more about Citizens for Decency and its purpose, visit cleanminds.org.

– Schae Richards & Emily Johnson

Tune into Upcoming PSAs

Lance McDonald, public relations intern for Citizens for Decency, is in the process of writing and submitting public service announcements (PSAs) to local radio stations in Southeast Idaho that will air sometime during the month of April.

McDonald explained PSAs as this: “[They] are basically…advertisements put on the air by radio stations when they promote a public event or service that will benefit the community.”

Portrait of Lance

Lance McDonald, PR Intern

Each PSA will promote Citizens for Decency’s efforts in the community. They will also promote the resources available on our website.  “…the message they contain will increase awareness of the danger pornography poses to the public, and awareness of Citizens for Decency, and drive traffic to the website and other media,” McDonald said.

McDonald contacted BYU-Idaho Radio as well as several other Idaho stations. “The goal is to get these PSAs on whatever stations will air them,” he said. “The reason that we want to get on as many stations as possible is because our message is one that we feel should reach as many people as possible from all kinds of backgrounds.” According to McDonald, pornography doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, or background, so everyone should hear our important message.

For McDonald, writing and submitting the PSAs has been a positive experience, one in which he’s been able to gain applicable public relations knowledge. McDonald said, “I have realized the real world effort that goes into promotion and advocacy.”

McDonald has also been able to learn more about the harmful effects of pornography through writing the PSAs. He said, “On a more personal level, it has helped raise my awareness of the dangers of pornography and the steps that can be taken to protect ourselves from it.”

McDonald has high hopes for the outcome of the PSAs. “I am really excited about the final outcome of this project and hope that I can create something compelling but also relevant and appropriate for this cause and for Citizens for Decency.”

Our Experience at the BYU-Idaho Career Fair

Last week, a few of us interns represented Citizens for Decency at the BYU-Idaho Career Fair. It was a great opportunity to inform BYU-Idaho students about the organization and recruit candidates for the internship positions available in future semesters.

We had an incredibly positive experience at the BYU-Idaho Career Fair. On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the event staff and, for the rest of the day, were welcomed just as well by every student who visited our booth.


emily and megan bwAll in all, we were impressed by BYU-Idaho and its students. Each student exemplified the “Spirit of Ricks” that the university is known for. We met many students who presented themselves professionally and had outstanding résumés.  As well, all those we met wanted to learn about Citizens for Decency and its cause. Many students were enthusiastic to help the organization through signing up for volunteer and intern positions.

We want to thank BYU-Idaho and its students for hosting us.


We are still accepting volunteer and internship applications for Spring 2015 and following semesters. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Citizens for Decency team, fill out this form. You may also send your résumé and work samples to citizens4decency@gmail.com.  If you want to know more about position details, email your questions to citizens4decency@gmail.com or visit BYU-Idaho’s Career Navigator.

Here is a list of available positions for Spring 2015:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Communication Intern
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Professional Writer
  • Blog Writer
  • Photographer
  • Accountant
  • Funding Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Statistician
  • Shipping Manager
  • Event Specialist

Join us and help others to take a stand against pornography!

Newsletter for March & April

Citizens for Decency Newsletter



  • The fundraiser dance held on the BYU Provo campus on March 2nd was a fun success! We had the opportunity to collaborate with BYU’s Unraveling Pornography club for the dance. They were an amazing help! Check them out on Facebook and like their page!
  • Our fundraiser with Rexburg’s Pizza Pie Cafe was another fun success! Over the three days we had quite a few people come and support us and our cause by eating pizza! Thanks to Pizza Pie Cafe for being such a great help and support themselves.
  • Check out and “Like” our Facebook page! Just search “Citizens for Decency.”

Upcoming Events:

  • Our first monthly educational seminar here in Rexburg will be held in April at the Rexburg Tabernacle. “How Pornography Affects Relationships” will be the topic discussed and these seminars are free to the public! More updates to follow.

  • Our Boston Conference is still in the making–updates will follow!

Just So You Know

  • Found this really neat website with a lot of information on the harmful effects of pornography on adults and children; a great informational resource.http://mentalhealthlibrary.info/library/porn/pornlds/pornldsauthor/links/victorcline/porneffect.htm

  • A fun and positive outlook on life we discovered recently: singer Hillary Weeks is promoting counting your positive thoughts each day.

    Read her story here and learn more about it at http://www.billionclicks.org/

Everything starts with a thought–make it a positive one!

Making Progress

Another great few weeks! Projects are coming along and many good things to look forward to.

The Career Fair we attended at Brigham Young University-Idaho on Wednesday, February 20, was great! We had many people come to our booth and learn more about us. We also found many students who hope to volunteer or complete internships in the upcoming semesters.

This week I had the opportunity to research some of the effects of pornography on the work environment and I found some great articles I wanted to share:

Some upcoming events:

  • Fundraiser

    Want an excuse to eat delicious pizza and feel wonderful about it? All day on March 5, 6, and 7, Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg will be hosting a fundraiser for Citizens For Decency! We are currently passing out fundraiser cards—these cards are free. If you bring your card when you go to Pizza Pie Café on any of those days, 25% of your purchase will go towards combating pornography!

  • Look for news of monthly educational seminars concerning the dangers and damages of pornography – we’re looking to hold them locally in Rexburg and they will be open and free to the public!

  • Our Boston Conference is still in the making – updates will follow!

Don’t forget to check out and “Like” our Facebook page! Just search Citizens for Decency.

And as always, if you want to learn more about our cause, visit our website at http://www.cleanminds.org/