We haven’t stood idly by. Citizens for Decency has:

  • Introduced legislation HB 636 in 2010, now an Idaho State Law, which requires child-friendly Internet filters in all Idaho public schools and a yearly, mandatory, Internet safety education component for both students and teachers.
  • Introduced legislation, HB 205 in 2011, to be enacted October 2012 into Idaho State Law, requiring all Idaho public libraries to have Internet filters to protect children from accessing pornography.
  • Created an association for decency groups, called the United Coalition for Decency (UCD).
  • Hosted four annual, regional anti-pornography conferences, with presenters including Dr. Jill Manning, Dr. Donald L. Hilton Jr., Phil and Vickie Burress, Shane Pope, and Patrick Trueman.
  • Introduced “Clean Minds Week” at a local school district, featuring district-wide assemblies, as well as parent information meetings presented by Shane Pope in multiple communities.
  • Created Clean for Kids, a group that encourages local businesses to raise their decency standard.
    • One example of success includes the Rexburg Albertson’s store discontinuing sales of a re-occurring extremely inappropriate magazine.
  • Influential in ensuring that all public libraries in Jefferson County, Colorado, have Internet filters. As of September 2011, Jefferson County Public Libraries filter all public computers and personal wireless devices to block online access to sexually explicit images.
  • Helped facilitate improvements in Marriott Hotels International policy regarding in-room hardcore pornography.
  • Instrumental in convincing Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch to sign a “Dear Colleague Letter,” originating with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. This letter was written to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and encourages the prosecution of illegal obscenity.
  • Supported SCR009, a resolution declaring pornography as a public health crisis in Utah sponsored by Senator Todd Weiler and passed March 11, 2016.

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