Established in 2008 at the request of a single mother, Jane, Citizens for Decency is a nonprofit organization fighting against pornography. Jane’s husband had struggled with a pornography addiction since he was a young child and was unable to get help or prevent it from hurting his family. To protect his family, he made a decision that devastated those he loved. Watch the video below to learn more about the woman who inspired Citizens for Decency.

Our Mission

We aim to protect families and individuals from the harms of pornography by advocating for public policy changes on pornography issues. We provide resources for parents, addicts, and individuals of all ages and provide information about pornography’s harmful effects.

Like many in this battle, we work to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of all those who seek to uphold and defend morality and decency. As we educate the public on pornography’s destructive influence, we hope they will be less inclined to view pornography and will stand with us against it.


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I fell in love with the love of my life, a farm boy, good, kind. He was such a good person, and we married and started a family. And as we had children, the goodness of him really came out because I am way more tense about things. He was the one that would spend all Saturday fixing bicycle tires. He was the one that helped with the homework. He was the one that took splinters out of their hands because he was so, just so patience. He was just a good balance for me.

We had a good life. We had a lot of children; we had eight children. I would be inside cooking, and he was outside playing basketball with the kids, you know, and he wouldn’t miss their games. You could hear his voice over everyone else’s at the games. So our life was good.

I noticed some things started to change with him. And he had gotten a pretty responsible position in his job, and I thought it was stress because there was a great deal of stress. They were cutting down people and were giving him more to do, and he was responsible for a lot of really important things going on. And so for a couple of years I just kind of thought, you know, that was the issue, and it may have been the underlying issue.

But for six years, I kept seeing a steady, something changing in him, and I did not know what it was. Well, it came down to the point where I said, “Something’s wrong here,” and he finally confessed that he was addicted to pornography.



After I found out, we went to counseling. We would fly to Dallas and go see, you know. We did everything, but it just wasn’t getting any better. There were times when I was around him that I felt very much in danger. He said, “I have thoughts of raping and killing you.” He was crying! And he said, “So many times I’ve wanted to tell you. So many times I’ve wanted to get rid of this, and I can’t.”

And this is a man that had, in his younger years, smoked and drank and gave it up in one day, I mean just stopped. So he had a strong will, but this he could not, he could not rid himself of. To realize what a good man he was and then to lose himself to where he had no control. This thing had all power over him, and I cannot even begin to know what he was living with. But he finally took his life.

It was pornography. It was the only thing, and this man was strong.


Any time free speech has the power to destroy people, families, children, it’s not free anymore. It’s not free speech. Just like we can have handguns, but we don’t hand them to our children.

In the next generation, the lawmakers are gonna look back, and they’re going to see the destruction that has happened because it has not been a priority. And it’s sad, but I think they’re going to look back and then they’re gonna see why.

It’s like a fire burning that you haven’t seen yet, and it is just spreading, and it’s low. And pretty soon, nobody’s gonna be able to deny that it’s there. But right now, if you don’t see it and you’re not physically around it, then it’s just another issue, I would think. But it’s going to effect everyone at some point. Our whole society is gonna feel it.

We’re going to write history one way or another. We’re either going to hopefully be able to put a big block on it’s pervasive power, or we’re not, and we’re going to see what happens in that. I don’t even, I can’t even fathom what that is like. But it’s a freedom. And we justify it because it’s part of our society. “It doesn’t hurt anyone, right?” It’s a justification.

But it does hurt. And I’ve got eight children that will tell you that it hurts even though they’ve never been abused. They saw it destroy their father.