Citizens for Decency was created at the request of a single mother whose family has been deeply affected by pornography. Her husband was introduced to pornography as a young child and then struggled with a pornography addiction for many years. His love for his family and pain at causing them emotional distress was not enough to help him overcome his deep addiction. Pornography altered his gentle mind, causing him to have violent thoughts towards those he loved.

To physically protect his family from himself, he eventually took his own life. His wife and mother of their eight children, asked Craig Cobia (now President/Chairman Citizens for Decency) if there was anything he could do to help prevent others from experiencing similar tragedies. Craig and his colleagues made contact with other decency organizations in the United States. They soon realized that Idaho lacked a strong decency organization. There was no one to make citizens of Idaho aware of the problem, and to advocate for policy changes that would protect its people from pornography.



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